Hello and Welcome,

A warm hello from the Bernese Jura in Switzerland where I am now based! Join me in these peaceful mountains via zoom or for a one on one retreat and let me share the beautiful transformative energy of my new mountain home with you.

My objective is to accompany you in a process of profound insight, where you are able to put in place changes you wish to make to how you think, live and feel, with the aim of enabling you to be your most fulfilled and balanced self.

New Year, New Intentions

May your light shine brightly in this new year.

As we come into a new year full of 2s, I see myself working in two ways:

1. Giving guidance and support to help people along their path to self-fulfillment, confidence and joy through regular hypnotherapy sessions on zoom.

2. Enabling life progression through longer immersive one-on-one sessions in person. 

All my sessions, short or long, zoom or in-person, combine a number of therapeutic techniques, including hypnosis, counselling, inner child healing, past life healing, age regression, clairvoyance and channelling, as needed and as appropriate for the client and the intention for the session.  

HypnoTHERAPY: When was the last time someone really listened to you? 

Being truly listened to is the building block of the therapeutic process.Putting your thoughts, feelings and experience into words and making sense of who you are and where you are going on your life's journey is what I am primarily here to help you do.

A typical session lasts around 45 minutes. You are seated in front of your screen and camera, with your head supported, for instance on a high-backed arm-chair or reclining on a bed.

We spend much of the session talking, allowing you to fully express what you think and feel. I may also ask you to close your eyes and take you on a guided visualisation, or use hypnotic suggestions and metaphors. I will often work on your energy, clearing blockages, removing intrusive energies or simply helping you feel more energised and positive. I may guide you back in time to access memories that are at the heart of an issue we are working on. Often, we identify and transform self-limiting beliefs and start to create a new, more positive, more confident self-image. Sessions may also be more spiritual in nature, whether this is by channelling angelic beings or enabling you to connect to your soul or your higher mind. Each session is different, just as each client is different...

Why start therapy?

People come to me for many reasons...

Sometimes they want to change a habit, for instance stopping smoking, or breaking free of a phobia.

Often they want to work on feeling better within themselves and learning how to better handle the challenges of life.

Some come to see me for healing old traumas or to resolve recurring patterns of thought and behaviour that are troubling them.

Others are curious about past lives or want to find out who they are as a soul and gain spiritual insight...

Whatever the reason that has drawn you to me, I will be happy to work with you in the most appropriate way for you. Though you are welcome to book a one-off session, I recommend committing to regular sessions over a set period of time, for instance once or twice a month for three to six months.

It is like going to the beach and just dipping a toe in the water: can be wonderful but such a shame not to go further!

A first step...

The first step is simple: book a short free video consultation or send me an enquiry by email and let's talk...

One to One Life Progression

Take time to work profoundly on your personal well-being.

This can be a day or a half-day, where we focus on healing and transformation in a specific area of your life.

Life Progression sessions are available in Basel and Nyon and include a free follow-up zoom session. Please book a free video consultation to find out more and to design a session specifically for you.

Balancing Rocks

Prices for 2022


Sessions can be booked directly via my booking page.

80 CHF  ($88, £65 or 75 euros) for a 45 minutes session on Zoom.

You can also book a package of four zoom sessions, valid two months, for 260 CHF ( $280, £210 or 250 euros)

I live in Switzerland, so my prices are set in Swiss Francs, but if you wish to pay in a different currency, this is fine too, just make sure you book your session by email.

And remember, you can book a free video consultation before your first session.

In-Person sessions in Switzerland:

120 CHF per hour. Minimum two hours.

If you would like a session in Nice, please send me an email at luteahypnose@gmail.com.

And of course, feel free to contact me for more information.

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