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Hello and Welcome ,

A warm hello from the Bernese Jura in Switzerland where I am now based! Join me in these peaceful mountains via zoom, or for an in-person session, and let me share the beautiful transformative energy of my new mountain home with you.

My name is Imane and I am an experienced and qualified hypnotherapy and regression therapy practitioner.

Both hypnotherapy and regression therapy (though I much prefer the term progression therapy, but more on that later) are part of the same process: Resolving issues that are troubling you and holding you back, so that you can be more balanced, more peaceful, and in a word: happier!

Regression has a strong emphasis on finding the source of current issues in the past. Hypnotherapy is more focused on using metaphors and suggestions to subtly change how you perceive and respond to those issues. The way that I work uses a mix of the two, as appropriate for the client and the issues we are dealing with.

What is regression therapy?

The essence of regression therapy, as I practice it, is to use hypnosis to return back in time to key source events that are creating problems for you today, and to transform them. By resolving issues at their source, we are able to progress with our lives in the here and now, hence why I prefer to call it Life Progression Therapy.

The source of an issue can be in childhood, in the womb, in a past life, or a recent event. The aim of regression is to identify the source of the issue you wish to resolve, wherever in time that source event lies.

What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a talking therapy based on conversational hypnosis. You can either work on a specific issue for a fixed number of sessions - for example to stop smoking or break free of a phobia - or commit to regular sessions, normally once or twice a month, and start an on-going therapeutic process of personal development or self-care. 

Life Progression Therapy

Life progression therapy brings together all the techniques that I use and have been trained to do, including counselling, hypnosis, regression, inner conflict resolution, parts therapy and inner child healing.

How can I help?

The issues I work on range from:

  • Emotional issues, such as sadness, helplessness, anger or insecurity.

  • Relationship issues, be they with family members, romantic partners, workmates or people who have harmed you in some way.

  • Self-image issues of worthlessness, lack of confidence and low self-esteem.

  • Feelings of being stuck and issues around being blocked in some way.

  • Repeating thought-patterns and schemas, self-limiting beliefs, taboos and a lack of self-emancipation.

  • Fears and phobias.

  • Stress, anxiety and insomnia.

  • Recovering from traumas and developing resilience.

  • Resolving issues carried on from past lives or through your family line.

  • The search for enlightenment and spiritual meaning.

Sessions and Prices

My practice is in Tramelan, in the Bernese Jura in Switzerland where I offer the following sessions:

- Hypnotherapy

One hour sessions, once or twice a month, to work on resolving personal issues and moving forwards in your life.

110.- per session

- Hypnosis

These sessions focus on changing behaviour or on resolving a specific issue. For example stopping smoking, removing a phobia, increasing self-confidence or stress-management and relief. 

Each session lasts an hour and I offer them in package of three sessions for 300.-

- Regression

This can be a past life regression, a spiritual regression or inner child healing. A typical sessions lasts around two hours and a half.

Price of session: 240.-

- Energy healing

These sessions are deeply relaxing and sometimes that is all you need: time to fully relax body and mind.

Whilst you are in a state of relaxation, I work on releasing energy blockages, activating self-healing and transforming self-limiting beliefs and ideas. 

30 minutes : 55.-

50 minutes : 90.-

Sessions by video call

Zoom sessions are 45 minutes long. I only offer hypnotherapy and energy healing via zoom. For regression and hypnosis, I prefer clients come to see me in person if they can.

Price per session: 80.-

Weekend Away

One of the wonderful advantages of living far from the tumult of busy towns and cities is that I work from a truly peaceful setting, with powerful healing energies. A great way to experience this fully is to join me for a therapy retreat: a weekend away from it all.

A therapy retreat is time devoted to self-care.

It is time devoted to your health and well-being. No phones, no messages, no social-media, no interruptions, just time for you to focus on you.

It is an opportunity to work deeply and intensely to create measurable, concrete change in how you think and feel.

The theme or intention is yours to set. This is time set aside purely for you, to advance on your path, to break free of situations that hold you in a state of suffering or block you in some shape or form.

We do two sessions over the weekend: one on Saturday afternoon and the other on Sunday morning, each lasting around two hours.

Price: 400.-

This price does not include accomodation.

There are a number of places you can stay in Tramelan. The closest and most convenient is the CIP hotel.

There are also lovely places a short drive away.

Please contact me for more information.

White Sand and Stone

How to Contact Me

  • Message me or call me on whatsapp: + 41 77 50 13 526

  • Message me or call me on telegram: @imanetherapy

  • Write to me at

  • Contact me via the form below.

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