Imane Kurdi

Hypnosis & Regression Therapy

Meet Imane

Hello, and welcome to my hypnotherapy practice!

I am here to help you.

Here to help you relax and let go of stress and anxiety.

Here to help you release old traumas and unhelpful emotions.

Here to enable you to reframe limiting thoughts and beliefs, into constructive, empowering, helpful vectors of change.

I am a qualified and experienced hypnosis and regression therapy practitioner with a practice in the centre of the beautiful city of Nice, in the South of France. I offer individual sessions, one on one retreats, personal development workshops and small group sessions.

I also offer sessions online and in other locations in Europe, including London.

How I work

I work from the heart, with client-centered intention.

You set the objectives, then we work together to achieve

positive, measurable, enduring change.

To enable this, I use a number of hypnotherapy techniques. These include Ericksonian hypnosis, regression therapy, inner conflict resolution, inner child healing and soul regression. These are powerful therapeutic techniques that enable profound change to take place from within.

These have been proven to work on many issues, for example:

Smoking Cessation

Relationships and Personal Development

Anxiety and Phobias

Spiritual Growth

Sleep Disorders

Self-esteem, Self-confidence.

Special Offers

As the covid-19 pandemic makes its way across the world, many of us find ourselves feeling anxious or vulnerable, sometimes angry or frustrated, maybe being forced to face a whole number of issues that may have lain dormant for a long time.

Difficulty is also an opportunity. What if you used this time of stillness to move forward?

Learn to let go of anxiety

This set of five 50 minute individual hypnosis sessions, delivered via zoom, will allow you to work through your issues around fear and anxiety, in order to gain confidence, strength and resilience. We will go to the source of your fears, identify specific beliefs and recurring thought patterns that may be anchoring or feeding them, and create a new, more helpful toolset. Your thoughts are the tools of your mind and they belong to you. You can choose to sort them, change them, transform them, rearrange them... You can choose to let go of fear and anxiety.

Until the end of June 2020, the price for this package of five sessions sessions is 220 euros.

Lockdown Life Lessons

What has the lockdown taught you? This 75 minutes hypnosis session via zoom allows you to explore the life lessons this pandemic has brought to you. Being forced to stop modern life as we know it and stay home means we can reflect on who we are truly, where we are on our journey and how we want to continue. What are your strengths, your weaknesses, what are your priorities and your distractions, what do you seek and what do you avoid, how can you clear the way to a happier, more balanced, grounded self? These are the kind of questions this session will address.

Price: 80 euros

Four day intensive therapy retreat by video call

Take time out from your normal life to go within yourself and resolve key issues that are stopping you from being fully fulfilled and happy.

We will do four 120 minute therapy sessions over four consecutive days enabling you to work intensively and gain long-lasting resolution.

Until the end of June 2020, this package of four sessions is at the special price of 440 euros.

What Clients Say

I am very grateful that Imane came into my life when I had a lot of uncertainty and negativity in my life and at a time when I felt confused about how to move forward in my life. 

My sessions with Imane allowed me to breakdown what was happening to me and shift the way I approach challenges in my life.

Through each session, Imane was able to gently guide me to places in my mind that allowed me to let go of negative, harmful patterns that were causing me mental and physical pain.

By unraveling memories and emotions, I was able to create a deeper sense of who I am and experience true joy, confidence and passion. 

I feel anchored and supported each time I have a session with Imane and I value the warm kind-hearted way that Imane approaches each of her sessions. Everything in my life has changed for the better.


Words and images guide you

to a place of peace and tranquility.

In the space of silence, the mind finds solace.

And as the body unwinds,

pure energy flows,

healing sorrow, healing pain,

opening your eyes to a clear blue horizon.


Contact Me


Tel: + 33 4 93 96 46 67