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A warm hello from the Bernese Jura in Switzerland where I am now based! Join me in these peaceful mountains via zoom, or for an in-person session, and let me share the beautiful transformative energy of my new mountain home with you. You can also book a session with me in Nyon.

My name is Imane and I am an experienced and qualified hypnotherapy and regression therapy practitioner.

Why start hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a talking therapy based on conversational hypnosis. You can either work on a specific issue for a fixed number of sessions - for example to stop smoking or break free of a phobia - or undertake a journey of self-discovery and have regular sessions, normally once or twice a month for as long as you wish. 

Hypnotherapy sessions take place online on zoom or in person in Tavannes (BE). They are not available in Nyon.

In-person sessions last an hour to an hour and a half and cost 125 CHF.

Zoom sessions are shorter (45 minutes) and cost 80 CHF. Both work well, they are just different ways of working. Please contact me for more details or to book your first appointment.

What is regression therapy?

I like to call it progression therapy, as by returning to the past and transforming issues at their source, what happens is that we are able to progress with our lives in the here and now.

The essence of regression therapy, as I practice it, is to use hypnosis to return back in time to key source events that are creating problems for you today, and to transform them.

The issues we work on range from:

  • Emotional issues, such as sadness, helplessness, anger or anxiety

  • Relationship issues, be they with family members, romantic partners, workmates or people who have harmed you in some way

  • Self-image issues of worthlessness, lack of confidence, exclusion and rejection

  • Feelings of being stuck and issues around being blocked in some way

  • Repeating thought-patterns and schemas, self-limiting beliefs, taboos and a lack of self-emancipation

  • Fears and traumas that need to be resolved

  • The search for enlightenment and spiritual meaning

So as you can see, it is a powerful and vast therapeutic technique!

What does transforming an issue actually mean?

There are three key elements:

The first is to understand. Identifying the source event and the thoughts and beliefs created by that event is in itself transformational. It is worth noting that an event may be as outwardly insignificant as your mother being late to pick you up from kindergarten one day, if at that moment you were terrified of never seeing your mother again.

The second is to accept. This can take the form of forgiving a perpetrator or someone who has betrayed you, but can also be forgiving yourself or those close to you for how they have behaved or how things have turned out. Acceptance is more encompassing than forgiveness because it takes away the idea of culpability. Accepting that this was part of your life’s path, learning from it and moving on peacefully is tremendous.

The third is to transform the ideas, thoughts and beliefs that still play in your life today. This is a cognitive process that involves you actively identifying these problematic thoughts and switching them to more helpful thoughts of your choosing.

What about letting go of unhelpful emotions and clearing heavy or intrusive energy?

Each session starts with a moment of meditation where you learn to ground, clear and protect yourself. I will also check your energy and if some energy healing is needed, I will discuss it with you.

Are all regression therapy sessions past life regression?

The starting point is the issue you wish to resolve. It is only once we start that we will find out whether this issue can best be resolved by returning to one or more past lives, or by inner child healing, or by age regression. Quite often there will be a number of events we need to visit and these will be in both past and current life events.

And if past life regression isn’t for you, we can also do a session that is entirely around current life events. What matters is what you wish to achieve from your session.

Do you also offer spiritual or soul regression?

Yes and these are truly wonderful sessions, where we go back to the time before birth and recover your soul memories (LBL). They answer questions such as what is my life’s purpose, why am I here, how can I best move forwards? They also allow you to meet your soul family and work on relationship issues from a soul level. And most importantly they create deep spiritual healing and provide lasting insight into who you are as a soul.

What if I am simply curious about past lives?

If you feel called to explore your past lives then this is often a signal that a past life regression would be beneficial for you in some way. We would simply set an intention to explore your past lives in the way that is for your highest good at this moment in time and take it from there.

How long does a regression session last?

I allow up to three hours and aim for a little less. This includes time talking, putting words on what you think and feel, beginning to rewrite the narrative, as well as time with your eyes closed in a light trance.

How about online sessions?

I do offer regression therapy online, though please note that I have recently changed the way I offer regression online. It is my experience that it is better to do a number of shorter sessions rather than one longer session. And so, sessions by zoom are now a package deal of four 45 minutes sessions to be undertaken at short interval, for example over a week or ten days.

How much does it cost?

The financial investment is 300 CHF, payable before your regression session by credit card. Moreover it is the investment in time that you should also take fully on board. In order to fully gain from this experience, I encourage you to set time aside after your session to meditate and fully synthesize everything that you are learning. In fact, most of the transformational work takes place in the three weeks that follow your session.

What is the first step?

Please send me an email and we can arrange a phone call or a video call and take it from there.

And of course, feel free to contact me just to find out more!

In joy,


White Sand and Stone

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