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A warm hello from the Bernese Jura in Switzerland where I am now based! Join me in these peaceful mountains for an individual therapy retreat or in Basel or Nyon for an in-person session. You can also join me from the comfort of your own home by booking a session on zoom.

Life Progression Therapy

I am a qualified and certified hypnosis practitioner and regression therapist. My focus is on life progression therapy, in other words helping clients move forwards with their lives to be happier and more fulfilled.

My practice includes a number of therapy techniques including hypnosis, hypnotherapy, inner child healing, age regression, past life regression and LBL spiritual regression. I structure each session individually, choosing whatever is appropriate for you, the client, and your therapeutic objective. I am also intuitive and spiritual, working from the heart, with a strong intention to heal.

A first step…

People come to me for many reasons...

Sometimes they want to change a habit, for instance stopping smoking, or breaking free of a phobia.

Often they want to work on feeling better within themselves and learning how to better handle the challenges of life.

Some come to see me for healing old traumas or to resolve recurring patterns of thought and behaviour that are troubling them.

Others are curious about past lives or want to find out who they are as a soul and gain spiritual insight...

Whatever the reason that has drawn you to me,

I will be happy to work with you in the most appropriate way for you.


Review and Reset: 2021/2022 

A special end of year session to review 2021 and prepare for 2022.

We start with a review of 2021: what were the key points and significant events? What did you learn? What could you have done better? What do you need to leave behind you and release, what do you want to take forwards into 2022?

We follow with a special month by month future life progression, assisted with tarot cards. What does 2022 hold in place for you? How can you best prepare for the year ahead? Where is your life's journey taking you? 

We also connect with your higher self and your spirit guides and seek their guidance.

It is a very special session that I only offer in December and January. Booking is open and you may reserve your session from now.

90 -.

Foggy Lake

My practice

I structure each session around the client's specific needs and objectives. A session may include any of the following:

1. Hypnotherapy

Therapy using conversational hypnosis.

A process of personal development, where sessions include time talking about what you are experiencing, helping you understand the how and the why of what is happening to you, and time using hypnosis to transform unhelpful behaviours and let go of self-limiting beliefs.

Hypnotherapy involves a commitment to regular sessions. These can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly, we can discuss what works best for you.

2. Hypnosis to change a habit or break a phobia

For those of you who wish to stop smoking or to change your eating and exercise habits. It is also for those of you who have a fear of flying or enclosed spaces or any other phobia. It can also help you feel more confident or learn to speak with ease in front of an audience...

These sessions focus on one specific objective or intention. It normally takes around four sessions to complete the process.

3. Inner child healing and parts therapy

For those of you who feel blocked in some way, unable to resolve issues or patterns of behaviour that keep recurring.

Parts therapy uses hypnosis to enable you to resolve inner conflicts that often pit you against your better self.

Inner child healing takes you back to the time in the womb or to early childhood to find the source event of what is troubling you today and transform it.

4. Past life healing and spiritual regression

Past life healing allows you to heal issues in your life today by transforming them in a past life, as well as to create deep healing by gaining insight into the bigger picture of who you are as a soul.

Spiritual regression takes you back to the time before birth and enables you to understand your soul's journey and your life's purpose. It also takes you to meet your soul group or family and to identify soul agreements or contracts.

5. Future life progression

Look into your own crystal ball

When you have a decision to make or when you feel stuck, when you are considering a life change or just curious about where your life is taking you, a future life progression will enable you to connect to your inner wisdom and get some clarity. Hypnosis will enable you to visualize where your life is taking you and to identify the changes you need to make today in order to create the best outcome for you in the future.

One to One Life Progression Day

Take a day to work profoundly on your personal well-being.

It is a day of healing and transformation. We focus on the area of your life you want to break through and structure the day according to your needs.

Life Progression Days are available in Basel and Nyon and include a free follow-up zoom session. Please book a free video consultation to find out more and to design a day specifically for you.

Let's work together to set you on a happier path.

Balancing Rocks

Locations and Prices

I offer in-person sessions in:

  • Basel, at Space to Breathe, Schaffhauserrheinweg 55, 4058 Basel

  • Nyon, at L'Essencce, Rue Juste-Olivier 1 CH-1260 Nyon

If you would like a session in Nice, please send me an email at luteahypnose@gmail.com.


Life Progression Therapy * Hypnotherapy * Hypnosis * (45 minutes) :

Zoom only: 80 CHF

Regression Therapy* Inner Child Healing * Parts Therapy * Stop-Smoking * LBL * PLR * ( 90 minutes)

In-Person:  180 CHF

Zoom:      150 CHF

Relaxation with healing ( 25 minutes)

Zoom only:  45 CHF


  • Progression:
    Three 90 minutes sessions over three months:
    360 CHF

  • Hypnotherapy:
    Two 45 minutes sessions per month:
    120 CHF per month

  • Hypnosis 4 Phobias
    Four weekly sessions of 45 minutes:
    280 CHF

Sessions can be booked directly via my booking page.

To book a package, please contact me by phone or email.

And of course, feel free to contact me for more information.

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