The measure of intelligence

is the ability to change.

Albert Einstein

Hello and welcome

Deciding to start therapy = Deciding to invest in your self.

You can choose to free yourself of self-limiting beliefs and ideas, you can choose to change patterns of thinking that are at the heart of what keeps you in a place of pain, frustration or anxiety, and you can choose to accept what you cannot change and find happiness within you.


By choosing to work on your self, you choose to become more confident, more balanced, more fulfilled. It is a process of self-insight that allows you to rewrite your personal narrative.

My name is Imane and I am here to help you on your path to self-fulfilment. I am a qualified and experienced hypnosis and regression therapy practitioner. I offer sessions worldwide by zoom and will also be offering in person sessions in Switzerland from September 2021.

I work on many issues, including:

  • Anxiety and stress

  • Insomnia and poor sleep

  • Grief counselling and support

  • Migraines and other chronic pains

  • Phobias

  • Confidence, self-esteem, motivation, public-speaking

  • Relationship issues, emotional balance, life choices

  • Smoking cessation, weight-management and coaching


Please go ahead and book a free 15 minute video consultation to find out more. Or send me an email at

Zen Stones


A typical session may include any of the following as needed:

Create a new happier way of being you.

From needy to happy

Transform personal relationships.

Hypnosis for Phobias

Break free of a phobia in 4 sessions.

Inner Child Healing

Resolve issues from childhood rapidly and effectively.

Regression Therapy

Resolve issues from past lives affecting you today.

Future Life Progression

Take a look at the choices before you and meet your future self.

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How I work:

I take three new or returning clients per month for one-on-one personal development. This is a course of six sessions over zoom, or of two in-person sessions. The six sessions on zoom are 45 minutes each, whilst the two in-person sessions are over a whole morning or afternoon.

Once a client has completed a first course of sessions, they can sign up for monthly follow-up zoom sessions.

I am currently taking bookings for September and October 2021 for zoom sessions worldwide and in-person sessions in Switzerland and in Nice.

Stand-alone Sessions

Stand-alone sessions are available for clients who wish to resolve a specific issue such as a phobia or smoking cessation but do not wish to commit to a course of sessions.

They are also good for those who want to space out their sessions over a longer period of time or for those who want to experience a past life or spiritual regression.

These sessions are 90 minutes each.


Course of six zoom sessions or two in-person sessions:

600 CHF or 550 euros.

Follow-up zoom sessions:

85 CHF or 80 euros

Stand-alone zoom session:

150 CHF or 135 euros

Stand-alone in person sessions on request.

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