About Me

I am a British-trained hypnotherapy practitioner and regression therapist with a practice in the centre of Nice. I also organise small group workshops and see clients in central London and other locations in Europe.

As well as a certificate in hypnosis and a diploma in regression therapy from PLRA, I hold a PhD in psychology from the University of London and an RSA certificate in counselling skills. I am also a certified LBL spiritual regression practitioner.

I am a professional member of the EARTh Association for regression therapy and of SRTA.

My Philosophy

My intent - as symbolised by the yellow lotus flower or nelumbo lutea - is to guide  clients along the road to self-fulfilment, peace and prosperity. This I do wholeheartedly, honestly and to the best of my ability.

My core belief as a therapist is that problematic behaviours, emotions and recurring thoughts that we experience in the present are linked to events and experiences in the past. Hypnosis and regression therapy allow us to safely discover the source of issues troubling us, be they issues related to health and well-being, or to relationships and personal development, or to problematic behaviours and thought patterns, and to transform them so that the emotions, thoughts and sensations associated with these issues are released. Quite simply, transforming our perception of the past allows us to transform our experience of the present and the future.

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