Imane Kurdi PhD

Hypnotherapy and Regression Therapy

My interest in hypnotherapy and regression therapy started by reading a book: Journey of Souls by Michael Newton. It opened my eyes to a whole world of possibilities and started my own healing journey. I now feel privileged to help those who come to me find their path to being happier and lighter.

My approach is client-centered. It is the client’s intention for the session that determines how I run the session. I also believe strongly in empowering clients to take charge of their well-being and mental health. I guide and enable, but it is you, the client, who does the transformative work, a process that continues outside of our sessions.

I work from the heart with a strong spiritual connection, but am also very analytical in nature. This means that I put strong emphasis on words and expressing and understanding what you think, feel and experience.


I am also an intuitive healer, with a clear channel to higher beings and guides. I work respectfully, tailoring my approach to the beliefs and intentions of each client.


I am British living in Switzerland and am fluent in English and French.


My qualifications

I have a PhD in psychology from the University of London and an RSA Certificate in Counselling Skills.


I trained with the Regression Academy where I became a certified hypnosis practitioner and obtained a diploma in regression therapy. I am also certified in LBL Spiritual regression.

I am a professional member of EARTh and SRTA.

My Practice

I structure each session around the client's specific needs and objectives. A session may include any of the following:

1. Hypnotherapy

Therapy using conversational hypnosis.

A process of personal development, where sessions include time talking about what you are experiencing, helping you understand the how and the why of what is happening to you, and time using hypnosis to transform unhelpful behaviours and let go of self-limiting beliefs.

Hypnotherapy involves a commitment to regular sessions. These can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly, we can discuss what works best for you.

2. Hypnosis to change a habit or break a phobia

For those of you who wish to stop smoking or to change your eating and exercise habits. It is also for those of you who have a fear of flying or enclosed spaces or any other phobia. It can also help you feel more confident or learn to speak with ease in front of an audience...

These sessions focus on one specific objective or intention. It normally takes around four sessions to complete the process.

3. Inner child healing and parts therapy

For those of you who feel blocked in some way, unable to resolve issues or patterns of behaviour that keep recurring.

Parts therapy uses hypnosis to enable you to resolve inner conflicts that often pit you against your better self.

Inner child healing takes you back to the time in the womb or to early childhood to find the source event of what is troubling you today and transform it.

4. Past life healing and spiritual regression

Past life healing allows you to heal issues in your life today by transforming them in a past life, as well as to create deep healing by gaining insight into the bigger picture of who you are as a soul.

Spiritual regression takes you back to the time before birth and enables you to understand your soul's journey and your life's purpose. It also takes you to meet your soul group or family and to identify soul agreements or contracts.

5. Future life progression

Look into your own crystal ball

When you have a decision to make or when you feel stuck, when you are considering a life change or just curious about where your life is taking you, a future life progression will enable you to connect to your inner wisdom and get some clarity. Hypnosis will enable you to visualize where your life is taking you and to identify the changes you need to make today in order to create the best outcome for you in the future.


I am very grateful that Imane came into my life when I had a lot of uncertainty and negativity in my life and at a time when I felt confused about how to move forward in my life. 

My sessions with Imane allowed me to breakdown what was happening to me and shift the way I approach challenges in my life.

Through each session, Imane was able to gently guide me to places in my mind that allowed me to let go of negative, harmful patterns that were causing me mental and physical pain.

By unraveling memories and emotions, I was able to create a deeper sense of who I am and experience true joy, confidence and passion. 

I feel anchored and supported each time I have a session with Imane and I value the warm kind-hearted way that Imane approaches each of her sessions. Everything in my life has changed for the better.


Before Imane’s sessions, I was terrified of taking the covid vaccine because of my fear of needles. Just thinking about it made me squirm. However, as we progressed with the sessions, I gradually became more and more comfortable with the idea. So much so that when it was my turn to take the vaccine, I was completely relaxed and didn’t even think twice before walking into the clinic. Thank you, Imane!


Thank you Imane for the hypnotherapy sessions to aid in quitting smoking. From the start, she came across knowledgeable and professional and created a space where I felt at ease.

I undertook the 2 sessions a year ago now and haven't had a cigarette since and have no desire to do so. I have no cravings nor thoughts about smoking.

Imane really goes to the root of the reason to work on changing the mindset and through this, not only have I quit smoking but also gained more confidence and self worth. 

I would highly recommend her services!


Thank you again!