Imane Kurdi PhD

Hypnotherapy and Regression Therapy

I am a qualified British hypnotherapy and regression therapy practitioner, fluent in English and in French.

My intention as a therapist is to help clients transform beliefs, ideas and emotions that hinder and limit them, into beliefs, ideas and emotions that enable and empower them.

Learn to trust rather than fear,

Choose to decide rather than hope,

Find your path to self-realization and fulfillment.

Please note that I am currently not seeing clients in person. My focus is on offering sessions online, ensuring that we all stay safe during this pandemic.


Once we are free to travel and mix again, I will be offering in person sessions in Switzerland where I am now based.


Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy
Inner Child Healing
Regression Therapy
Future Life Progression

I specialise in client-centered hypnotherapy, inner child healing and spiritual regression.

Individual sessions are built from an intention or therapeutic objective set by you, the client. We start from that intention and then use hypnosis to go backwards and forwards in time, retrieving memories or beliefs that are at the source of issues we are working on, transforming them as we do, in a powerful process that enables you to create deep, lasting change for the better. 

Group sessions are scheduled around a specific theme or objective. They are great for people who prefer to sign up to a class or work as part of a group.

I hold a PhD in psychology from the University of London, an RSA certificate in counselling skills, a certificate in hypnosis and a diploma in regression therapy from SRTA. I am a professional member of EARTh and SRTA.

Please go ahead and book a free 15 minute consultation with me by video call. You can book your appointment directly using the link below, or by sending me a message via the contact form or to



I am very grateful that Imane came into my life when I had a lot of uncertainty and negativity in my life and at a time when I felt confused about how to move forward in my life. 

My sessions with Imane allowed me to breakdown what was happening to me and shift the way I approach challenges in my life.

Through each session, Imane was able to gently guide me to places in my mind that allowed me to let go of negative, harmful patterns that were causing me mental and physical pain.

By unraveling memories and emotions, I was able to create a deeper sense of who I am and experience true joy, confidence and passion. 

I feel anchored and supported each time I have a session with Imane and I value the warm kind-hearted way that Imane approaches each of her sessions. Everything in my life has changed for the better.


Thank you Imane for the hypnotherapy sessions to aid in quitting smoking. From the start, she came across knowledgeable and professional and created a space where I felt at ease.

I undertook the 2 sessions a year ago now and haven't had a cigarette since and have no desire to do so. I have no cravings nor thoughts about smoking.

Imane really goes to the root of the reason to work on changing the mindset and through this, not only have I quit smoking but also gained more confidence and self worth. 

I would highly recommend her services!


Thank you again!