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Empowerment and Self-Confidence Workshops

Power and femininity

Saturday December 5th 9.00-10.30

This workshop for women will focus on rethinking the relationship between power and femininity. So often power has been associated with masculine traits and concepts, now is the time to rethink where your power comes from and how it is held and to revel in your feminine power. This workshop will help you identify conscious and subconscious self-beliefs about power and femininity and enable you to transform them.



Money and prosperity

Saturday January 9th 9.00-10.30

Do you fear being poor, or perhaps being rich? Which beliefs about money hold you back or cause you problems? Are those beliefs ancestral, cultural, familial or due to early life events? What defines prosperity in your mindset? What could you do to feel more prosperous? This workshop will be an opportunity to rethink your beliefs about money and what it means to be prosperous, and to ring in the changes.

These workshops will take place online using zoom.

You are seated in front of the webcam in the first half, where the focus is on reviewing core ideas and self-beliefs and identifying their origin.

For the second half, you lie down and close your eyes, as I guide you through a group hypnosis session to rethink and reset ideas and beliefs in a way that is right for you.


Price per person: 60 euros per workshop

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