Imane Kurdi PhD, Ct.Hyp., Dip.Reg., Ct. LBL.         +33 4 93 96 46 67

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Hello and welcome,

I am a British-trained hypnosis practitioner and regression therapist with a practice in the centre of the beautiful city of Nice. I also organise small group workshops and see clients in central London, as well as offer sessions and workshops online. Please take a look at healing words online, my programme of online group sessions and courses.

I am here to facilitate change, to guide you to a greater sense of awareness and fulfilment and to help you break free of thoughts, habits and emotions that are no longer serving your highest good. This I do honestly, wholeheartedly and to the best of my ability.

The power of the sub-conscious mind

Hypnosis is an extraordinary therapeutic tool. It opens the door to the sub-conscious mind and enables profound, long-lasting change. It is a safe and proven method to break recurring thought patterns and alter problematic behaviour, whether it is to break the smoking habit, to break free of a phobia or to relieve stress and anxiety...

Hypnotic trance is a state of deep relaxation, a state much-like that delectable moment just before you fall asleep, when the thoughts of the day settle like sediment at the bottom of a glass of water. It is a state of focused attention, your body may become very relaxed but your mind remains alert. You remain in control throughout and fully aware of what is said and done.

Inner Insight Hypnotherapy

Trance enables you to go inside yourself and understand who you are, where you've come from, why you behave as you do and to identify where self-limiting ideas and beliefs come from. You can then think, transform and heal. It is a tremendous vector for change.

An inner insight session allows you to understand a specific pattern of thought or behaviour that is causing you problems. It can help you to understand and transform a romantic or family relationship, it can allow you to see the root causes of a perceived lack of success in your career or your love life, it can identify hidden reasons for unexplained or chronic pain like migraines or back-pain... In short, it can shed light on any issue in your life that is of concern to you at this moment.

It can also work on a deeper, more spiritual level, allowing you to return to a time before birth and identify why you have chosen this life, or to recall past lives that are important to you, or to meet your guides, elders or soul group...

Each session starts with an intention you set. You decide on the specific issue or question you want to work on and then go deep within yourself using hypnosis to find your own answers and ideas on how best to move forward. 

Release the past, transform the present

My core belief as a therapist is that problematic behaviours, emotions and recurring thoughts that we experience in the present are linked to events and experiences in the past. Regression therapy, be it age regression or past life regression, allows us to safely discover the source of issues troubling us, be they issues related to health and well-being, or to relationships and personal development, and to transform them so that the emotions, thoughts and sensations associated with these issues are released. Quite simply, transforming our perception of the past allows us to transform our experience of the present and the future.

Heal the child within

We may experience events in our adolescence, childhood or even in the womb that mark us for life. Sometimes these are traumatic or painful events that the child chooses to forget. However our bodies retain the memory of  these events and a form of conditioning is put in place: we react emotionally and physically to triggers associated with the source event, despite having little memory of it. It is as if a child is trapped within us, unable to grow and learn from our experience.

Inner child healing allows the adult that we have become to heal the child within. These sessions are often deeply moving experiences that enable clients to release long-held physical and emotional pain. They can help resolve issues ranging from debilitating migraines, to an enduring sense of sadness, to persistent low self-confidence, to fear of abandonment...  


Take a step to being happier and healthier

Decide to give yourself the time and space you need to move forwards with your life. Book your online session or an individual therapy retreat today or write to me at to make an appointment to for a session in Nice or London.