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Healing Words Online

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think, we become”. Buddha

Welcome to healing words, my programme of group guided meditations to help you transform limiting, unhelpful thoughts, emotions and beliefs into empowering, engaging, forceful vectors of change.

For each season, a cycle of 8 sessions, delivered live using zoom meetings. You have the choice of listening to the session live as it is delivered or listening to a recording I will make available to subscribers to the cycle. You may join as many or as few of the sessions as you wish, for a fixed fee of 55 euros.

The winter season kicks off on Saturday 25th of January 2020: we welcome the Chinese new year of the Rat by clearing away old intentions and setting out new intentions.

Each session in the cycle starts with a moment of relaxation and flows into a guided visualisation. After the session, there is an opportunity to interact with me and other participants via web-cam if you so wish.

Once you have signed up, all you need to do is upload zoom meetings onto your phone or computer. You will receive an email before each session with a link that opens the session window. Click on the link at the start time, then lie down, close your eyes and listen to my voice...

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Healing Words Online

Winter cycle 2020

Think, transform, heal.

Saturday 25th January, 10h00-10h45

The year of the Rat: Beginning of a new day

Wednesday 29th January, 20h00-20h45

Visualise the way forward, motivate, act, engage.

Tuesday 4th February, 19h00-19h45

Make time for time

Wednesday 12th February, 20h00-20h45

Meet your soul, learn to love yourself

Tuesday 18th February, 19h00-20h45

Be confident being you, speak your truth

Monday 24th February, 19h00-19h45

Energise and motivate, move out of the slumber zone

Sunday 8th March, 10h00-10h45

Celebrate the woman in you!

Wednesday 11th March, 20h00-20h45

Close the circle, clear old intentions and manifest abundance

N.B. All times are CET (Paris, Berlin, Rome)