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How I work

My intention as a therapist is to help clients transform beliefs, ideas and emotions that hinder and limit them, into beliefs ideas and emotions that enable and empower them.


Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

My hypnosis practice is client-centered. My focus is on the needs and experience of you, the client. Hypnotic trance - in which you remain aware and in control throughout - enables you to open a door into your subconscious mind to identify thought patterns and self-beliefs that you wish to change and implement that change. This powerful process enables you to resolve issues such as fears and phobias, low self-esteem, insomnia, stress or anxiety, as well as destructive habits such as smoking or over-eating... rapidly and effectively.

Regression Therapy

My focus as a regression therapist is to use the process of going back in time, into memories remembered or forgotten, to enable you to understand why you behave as you do, where you are on your life's path and how you can move forwards. It is a transformative process, releasing and identifying emotions and thought patterns from the past, be it the womb, childhood, past lives or soul memories, and creating deep, lasting, positive change.

Inner Child Healing

Inner child healing is an age regression, where we trace the source of a current issue that is troubling you to a traumatic event in early childhood. You then allow the adult you have become to heal the hurt child that has remained inside of you.

It can also take you back to the time in the womb and resolve issues related to your birth, for instance if you were born prematurely or by cesarean section, which are often traumatic.


The memory of the trauma may fade or disappear entirely from the conscious mind, yet remain buried in the subconscious, triggering fears, physical pains, intrusive thoughts and heavy emotions. Inner child healing allows you to re-experience those events and identify and resolve any resulting issues.

My Approach

My work is intention focused. Our starting point is your intention to create change within yourself. You decide your therapeutic objectives, we work together to achieve them.

I can help with:

Anxiety and stress.

Insomnia and poor sleep.


Phobias: fear of flying, claustrophobia, fear of needles and fear of the dentist, as well as other phobias.

Confidence, self-esteem, motivation, public-speaking.

Relationship issues, emotional balance, life choices.

Smoking cessation, weight-management and coaching.

As a rule of thumb it takes three to six sessions to fully resolve an issue, for example a phobia or poor self-esteem. Smoking cessation is normally done in two sessions, whilst weight management is often a longer process. 

Once we have determined your therapeutic objectives, we schedule a programme of sessions. This is usually over a period of six to twelve weeks.

Or, if you prefer to work more intensively, you can choose to book a one-on-one retreat, where we schedule eight hours over ten days.

I also have clients who invest in their well-being and see me once a month, using each session to grow and learn.

It's up to you. Listen to your intuition and decide what is right for you.


Hypnosis and hypnotherapy sessions: 45 minutes

Individual session:  80 euros

Course of three sessions: 180 euros

Regression therapy and inner child healing: 90 minutes

Individual session: 150 euros

Course of three sessions: 360 euros

One on one retreat:

Four two-hour sessions over ten days: 510 euros

Are you a student or unemployed? Please know that I offer reduced price sessions for people on lower incomes. Contact me to know more.

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