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Hypnosis: The power of suggestion

Hypnosis gives you the power to implement change. It allows you to send messages from your conscious mind to your subconscious mind. These suggestions, often in the form of metaphor, enable you to create deep and long-lasting change.

You can transform a negative self-image into a more positive, confident self; you can change a pattern of behaviour, such as the way you eat or how often you exercise; you can break through the vicious debilitating cycle of insomnia; you can liberate yourself from a phobia, or simply be more peaceful, relaxed and at ease... Hypnotic trance and the power of suggestion allows you to do all that, and more.

Release your fear

Perhaps you have a fear of spiders or another animal, or of needles and hospitals or going to the dentist, or of being in a plane or an enclosed space, or of being in a crowded place, or of standing up in front of a crowd and speaking... Whatever your fear, chances are you've come up with a multitude of strategies to live around it. Sometimes these strategies work, sometimes the fear is so overwhelming that it prevents you from getting on with your life. Hypnosis can help you break free and release your fear.

Break free of a phobia in 3 to 6 sessions

It normally takes 3-6 sessions depending on the type and severity of your phobia. Slowly but surely, you move away from a state of anxiety to a state of calm, where you are able to take that flight, sit calmly in the dentist's chair, speak confidently in front of an audience, look at a spider and smile... 

Kick the smoking habit for good

Hypnosis has been used by thousands of people around the globe to stop smoking.

It is safe and effective, utilising the power of your subconscious to enable you to kick the smoking habit for good. It is not a magic remedy, but a therapeutic tool that boosts your will and determination to make the journey from smoker to non-smoker easily and decisively.

Stop smoking in two hypnosis sessions.

The first session is a preparatory session. We discuss what has made you a smoker and why you continue to smoke cigarettes despite knowing that they are harmful to your health. We identify the obstacles in your path and develop strategies to change your smoking habits. We also take time to look at how your life would change by becoming a non-smoker and all that you would gain. After the interview, we undertake a short hypnosis session to make you familiar with hypnosis and to activate your willpower to stop smoking.

The second session is where you stop smoking for good, you arrive as a smoker and leave as a non-smoker. This session is written with you specifically in mind, using information gathered from the first session. Everything is put in place to enable you to stop smoking for good. You become fully aware of the damage smoking is doing to your body and your life; you begin to feel a strong repulsion to the smell and taste of cigarettes; you envisage your life free of addiction to tobacco. We work at a deep sub-conscious level to take you from smoker to non-smoker. You leave the session knowing you will never smoke another cigarette.