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Inner Insight Hypnotherapy

Step inside yourself and take the chance to understand who you are, where you've come from, why you behave as you do. Take the time to identify self-limiting ideas and beliefs, find them at their source and then think, transform and heal.

An inner insight session allows you to understand a specific pattern of thought or behaviour that is causing you problems.

It can help you to understand and transform a romantic or family relationship, it can allow you to see the root causes of a perceived lack of success in your career or your love life, it can identify hidden reasons for unexplained or chronic pain like migraines or back-pain...

It can also work on a deeper, more spiritual level, allowing you to return to a time before birth and identify why you have chosen this life, or to recall past lives that are important to you, or to meet your guides, elders or soul group...

Each session starts with an intention you set. You decide on the specific issue or question you want to work on and then go deep within yourself using hypnosis to find your own answers and ideas on how best to move forward. 


Spiritual LBL Regression

If you seek more than spiritual insight, ask yourself if you are ready for a life between lives spiritual regression.

I am a certified LBL spiritual regression practitioner and will be honoured to guide you back to the time before this life started to recover your soul memories. An LBL session will take you to your last life before this one and from there go on to the time between lives. It may enable you to find out why you signed up for this life, what you chose to learn, who you chose to learn it with and how you are doing on your life path.


These sessions are long and require a deep trance. They are only available in person. Please email be to book your session or to find out more.


Inner Insight Workshops:

1.Relationship Insight

Have you ever wondered if you’ve known someone close to you in a past life?

Here’s your chance to find out!


First we will map out the relationship by setting down the key moments that have defined it in this life. We will then do a past life regression to find out whether you've had past lives together before  transforming any lingering issues that may still be at play today.

The relationship could be with a family member, your partner or spouse, a close friend, a difficult colleague… anyone with whom you have a relationship that could do with more insight. It is also a great opportunity to experience past life regression.

2.Spiritual Insight

Do you yearn to know who you are as a soul?

Perhaps you wonder why you are here, living this particular life on earth.  Perhaps you feel convinced you have soul mates or a soul family and you feel the call to reconnect with them. Perhaps you feel the presence of higher beings watching over you and you seek their guidance. If any of these questions resonate with you, it may be time to sign up for a spiritual insight workshop.

Using hypnosis I will guide you inwards to connect with your inner self and from there create a spiritual meeting place where you can meet your helpers, your soul family and any other beings who have wisdom to share with you.

These are half-day workshops. I often run both workshops on the same day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. To book your place at the next workshops, please click here.