Inner Child Healing

There is within us a child

lost and hurting.

The child hides within

hides the pain, the trauma, the memory.

The body remembers.

The body responds, reacts, speaks.

Listen to the child within,

and let the pain start to heal.

Forgotten Trauma

Triggers and emotions


Perhaps you sometimes experience emotions or behaviour that seem a little out of place or inappropriate.


You may feel overly anxious when someone fails to show up; or raging anger when someone lets you down; or deeply sad when you notice certain smells.


Perhaps you observe in yourself automatic physical reactions that don't entirely make sense to you, for example a sharp headache whenever you enter a hospital or a choking feeling when you hear a particular word or phrase.


Or perhaps you have an on-going feeling that you can't quite shake off, a feeling of exclusion or abandonment, rejection or loneliness...


Sometimes, these kinds of reactions or behaviours are due to events or experiences in childhood that may have been fully or partly forgotten.


Events experienced in the womb, in childhood or in adolescence may mark us for life. When a child experiences an event that triggers fear or anger or another strong emotion, this may become so unbearable that the child blocks the memory. However, the memory still exists buried within the subconscious mind. The result is a form of conditioning: we react emotionally and physically to triggers associated with the source event, despite having little conscious memory of it. It is as if a child is trapped within us, unable to grow and learn from our experience.


Heal the child within


Inner child healing allows the adult we have become to heal that trapped child within. Using hypnosis we return to the source event and speak directly to the child within.


These sessions are often deeply moving experiences that enable clients to release long-held physical and emotional pain and in so doing resolve a large range of issues that may be troubling them.

If this resonates with you, the first step is to book a free consultation.

Girl with Flowers
Pregnant Belly

Return to the womb

Return to the womb and re-experience your birth


Perhaps you are reading this because you are curious to re-experience your birth or you are intuitively drawn to this experience.


Perhaps you were born prematurely or experienced some form trauma during birth.


Whatever the reasons, returning to the womb to relive our first moments in life is a deeply meaningful experience.


When you feel it is time for you to have this experience, please go ahead and contact me and I will delighted to arrange a session for you.