Past Life Regression and Soul Regression

Who were you in a past life?

Many people would like to have the experience of remembering or revisiting past lives they may have lived. The work of Brian Weiss and others has shown just how meaningful and therapeutic these experiences can be.

Individual Past Life Regression

​A past life regression session can be a profound healing experience.

Using hypnosis we go back in time to recall and revisit key moments from one or more past lives, stopping to identify thought patterns, significant beliefs and recurring emotions that may be still present in your current life. Not only does this insight allow you to make sense of issues that were eluding you, but it enables you to break free of the cycle.  Moreover, by transforming difficult or challenging events in a past life into positive, empowering ones, you bring new positive, empowering beliefs and thought patterns into your current life.


Past life regression sessions last two hours. They are built on an intention rather than curiosity alone:  each session has a clear therapeutic aim or objective. What is it that you wish to resolve in your current life by revisiting a past life?

Discover a positive past life

However if you aresimply curious about past lives, you may enjoy a discover a positive past life session. This is a positive resource session aimed at reconnecting you with skills and talents you once had.


We start with a moment of relaxation to allow you to enter a light trance before a guided visualisation takes you back to a positive event in a past life.

As well as offering these on an individual basis, I also propose them as group sessions, both in my practice in Nice and by video call. Please contact me for more details.

Soul Regression and LBL

Do you yearn to know who you are as a soul?

Perhaps you wonder why you are here, living this particular life on earth.  Perhaps you feel convinced you have soul mates or a soul family and you feel the call to reconnect with them. Perhaps you feel the presence of higher beings watching over you and you seek their guidance. If any of these questions resonate with you, it may be time to sign up for a spiritual insight session.

Using hypnosis I will guide you inwards to connect with your higher self and from there create a spiritual meeting place where you can meet your helpers, your soul family and any other beings who have wisdom to share with you. In this place of truth and guidance, you may ask questions that have been long on your mind as well as connect to your own inner wisdom.

LBL Soul Regression

If you seek more than spiritual insight, ask yourself if you are ready for a life between lives spiritual regression.

I am a certified LBL spiritual regression practitioner and will be honoured to guide you back to the time before this life started to recover your soul memories. This session may enable you to find out why you signed up for this life, what you chose to learn, who you chose to learn it with and how you are doing on your life path.

These sessions are long and require a deep trance. They are only available in person. Please email be to book your session or to find out more.

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