Past Life Regression and Spiritual Regression

“We are divine but imperfect beings who exist in two worlds, material and spiritual.

It is our destiny to shuttle back and forth between these universes through space and time while we learn to master ourselves and acquire knowledge.”

― Michael Newton, Journey Of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives

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The search for meaning

Do you yearn to find out who you are as a soul?

Sometimes we feel guided to a place that seems not quite of this world. We sense intuitively that our life's meaning lies somewhere in a different plane, one of wisdom and peace, a spiritual place where our soul resides. Returning to that place using regression is a profound experience.

The Search for Meaning: A programme of 6 regression sessions

Each session starts with a hypnosis induction before I guide you back in time to recover your soul memories. This programme will enable you to find out who you are as a soul, to determine your life's purpose and your soul's mission. You may meet your soul group and identify soul contracts with the key people in your life. You can also assess how you are doing on your life's journey and obtain guidance from higher beings on your soul evolution. It is a deeply healing process and I feel priviledged and honoured to be able to offer this programme to those who are ready.

Each session lasts around 90  minutes, with time at the beginning for us to talk face to face before you lie down and close your eyes for the regression.

Each person is different and I keep some flexibility as to how I run the sessions, but this is a guide to a typical series of six sessions:

  1. Focusing attention inwards, creating a sacred meeting space and connecting with your higher self. Beginning self-healing.

  2. Identifying your life's purpose I : age regression, 5 key moments. Beginning to rewrite the narrative.

  3. Identifying your life's purpose II : soul regression, returning to the time before birth. Understanding the bigger picture.

  4. Meeting your soul group and reviewing soul agreements. Gaining insight on key relationships and transforming them.

  5. Meeting your spiritual helpers. Asking questions, receiving guidance.

  6. Where am I at? Reviewing progress on life's journey and clearing obstacles on life path.

This intensive programme will enable you to find out who you are as a soul and resolve issues that have been stopping you from being truly happy and fulfilled. It will give you insight on your life so far: why were you born in this time and place, to these parents and in this body, what did you come into being to learn and achieve...? These are the kind of questions we will work on together during this exciting and profound therapeutic experience.

If this is the right journey for you, the first step is to book a free 15 minute consultation with me on zoom. Let's meet, let's talk and start to define the questions you seek answers to.

Your financial investment for this healing journey:

720 euros or 775 CHF  for the full cycle of 6 sessions.

You can pay in three installments should you wish to do so.

Are you curious about past lives?

Do you wonder who you were in a past life? Are you eager to explore your past lives to make sense of events in your current life? Do you sense that reconnecting with one or more past lives may resolve an issue that is self-perpetuating in your life today? Could recalling a past life offer you a missing piece to a puzzle in your mind's eye?

Or perhaps there are ancestral issues that are passing from generation to generation or you sense that there are energy blockages that need to be resolved.


Perhaps you wish to recover your soul memories and find out who you are as a soul, work on some relationship issues or find out your life's purpose - but don't feel that the search for meaning programme is right for you. In that case, a spiritual regression is in order.

Whatever the reason that calls you to a past life or spiritual regression, I will be delighted to guide you. Please start by booking a free video consultation and we can take it from there.

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