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Regression Therapy

Go to the source


The aim of regression therapy is to go to the source of a problem and release the energy associated with it. This is made possible by using a light hypnotic trance that allows you to return to the very first time you experienced an issue or problem you wish to address. The event is then revisited and transformed by releasing the emotions, physical sensations and thoughts associated with the event and re-framing its significance.

Transformational metaphor

Regression therapy looks for the source of a problem or issue in the past, but it does not define where in the past this experience lies. Most of the time, clients return to events they have experienced in childhood or in the womb. However, sometimes they return to a life that is not their current life. For some, this is perceived as a past life. For others, it is an other life, a construct created by their sub-conscious mind, like a metaphor, to help them make sense of their experience. From a therapeutic point of view, the process is the same. People of all beliefs and cultures can benefit from regression therapy, the transformational process is the same whatever your beliefs.

How many sessions does it take?

Regression therapy is a brief therapy where we treat one symptom or issue at a time. Clients often observe an improvement after the first session though it can take four or five sessions over several months to fully resolve a specific issue.


 Who were you in a past life?

Many people would like to have the experience of remembering or revisiting past lives they may have lived. The work of Brian Weiss and others has shown just how meaningful and therapeutic these experiences can be. A past life regression session can be a profound healing experience.

Individual Past Life Regression

These sessions last around two hours. They are built on an intention rather than curiosity alone:  each session has a clear therapeutic aim or objective. What is it that you wish to resolve in your current life by revisiting a past life?

Online group sessions: discover a past life

If you are curious about past lives, why don't you join one of my discover a past life online sessions. These group sessions are positive resource sessions aimed at reconnecting you with skills and talents you once had. They start with a moment of relaxation to allow you to enter a light trance before a guided visualisation takes you back to a positive event in a past life.

These online sessions are limited to a maximum of 8 participants. Click here to see the next available dates and to book your place.