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One week transformational retreat

This one week intensive programme aims to create profound change. It is an opportunity to take one week away from your daily life and use the time to think deeply about who you are and how you wish to progress forwards. For those unable to come for a full week, it is possible to organise the sessions over a long weekend instead. 

The starting point is the intention: what do you wish to achieve during this week?

Here are some examples of intentions I have worked with:

To free myself of my recurrent migraines.

To understand why I am here.

To come to terms with the loss of someone I loved.

To stop falling in love with men who hurt me.

To change my relationship with my mother.

To no longer be scared of flying.

To stop having panic attacks.

To find new ways to cope with my relationship issues.

To break free of my addiction to sugar and over-eating.

Over the week, we schedule four sessions. Each session lasts 2-3 hours. These usually, but not always, go as follows:

Session 1 – Day 1

The first session sets the foundations. We spend a good time talking, understanding the issue you wish to address and I also ask you questions about your life, your childhood, important life events... We then do our first hypnosis session where we create the hypnosis tools we will use during the retreat.

Session 2 – Day 2

Past life regression. Using hypnosis, I help you to recall past lives that will give you insight on the issue you are experiencing today. We identify and transform negative core beliefs and emotions that have been carried from past lives to today.

Session 3 – Day 4

Inner child healing. Using hypnosis, we go back year by year from today to the moment the issue we are transforming was created. Here I usually use inner child healing techniques to allow the adult you have become to heal the child you were and to transform the limiting or negative self-beliefs that may have been created.

Session 4 – Day 6

Creating a positive outcome using hypnosis. Here we use techniques such as anchoring – for instance with a smell or a physical movement, desensitisation, future-pacing and guided visualisations to put in place suggestions that reinforce the work we have carried out in the previous sessions and to put in place a more positive outlook.

Days 3 and 5 are for rest and reflection.

On the last day, we meet to make a summary of our sessions, what was learnt and achieved and to set some objectives going forwards.

A month after the retreat, we have a 50 minute follow-up online session.

The price is 640 euros. This includes our four sessions during the retreat as well as one 50 minute online session. It does not include accommodation: Nice is a tourist hub where there is an abundance of hotels and places for rent (air bnb etc...), giving you the freedom to choose to stay in a place that is fully to your liking and your budget. I am happy to help you select a place or to recommend hotels close to my practice.

I am also happy to recommend yoga practitioners and massage therapists for you to see while you are in Nice making this a full body and mind experience.

The following dates are available for retreats in 2020:

26 January - 1 February

15-21 March

19-25 April

3-9 May

To book one of these retreats weeks, please contact me by email at or by phone on +33 6 79 26 90 47.

You can also book a free online chat with me; I will be delighted to discuss your therapy retreat with you.