Transformational Breakthrough

This is an opportunity to work intensively to resolve a specific issue in a short period of time.

We will have four two-hour sessions over a short period of time. This can be in person, in my practice in Nice, or in the comfort of your own home by video call using zoom.

The starting point is the intention: what do you wish to achieve?

Here are some examples of intentions I have worked with:

To free myself of my recurrent migraines.

To understand why I am here.

To come to terms with the loss of someone I loved.

To learn to love myself more.

To become self-confident and succesful in my career.

To find my place in the world.

To stop being so needy.

To stop falling in love with men who hurt me.

To change my relationship with my mother.

To no longer be scared of flying.

To stop having panic attacks.

To find new ways to cope with my relationship issues.

To break free of my addiction to sugar and over-eating.

To learn to trust again.

To start to accept my body and my self for who I am.

Each person is different and depending on the issue we are working on, we will do the sessions that are appropriate, but this is an example of how these four sessions could turn out:

The first session sets the foundations. We spend a good time talking, understanding the issue you wish to address and I also ask you questions about your life, your childhood, important life events... We then do our first hypnosis session where we create the hypnosis tools we will use, as well as do some digging in your subconscious mind to identify the thought patterns that underline the issue you wish to resolve.

The second session is quite often about resolving inner conflict. Using parts therapy, we get the part of you that wants to change to convince the part of you that is resisting change to come on board. We start to transform self-beliefs that have been holding you back and plant the first seeds of a more positive, more balanced, happier you.

The third session goes to the source of the problem. If this turns out to be in childhood or in the womb, we return to that moment to transform and release using inner child healing. If it is an ancestral or past life issue, then we may use regression to resolve it. If the issue resolves around a personal blockage, then we may use inner insight, using hypnosis to allow you to connect to your own inner wisdom to find the answers that have been eluding you.


The final sessions is about securing a positive outcome using hypnosis. Here we use techniques such as anchoring – for instance with a smell or a physical movement, future-pacing and guided visualisations to put in place suggestions that reinforce the work we have carried out in the previous sessions and to put in place a more positive outlook.

The price for the package of four sessions is 510 euros.

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