Needy to Happy

A hypnosis programme to transform personal relationships

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Relationship Make-Over

From Needy to Happy: A group hypnosis course to transform personal relationships

I am offering this exciting course, online by zoom, starting on Monday 10th May, 20.30-21.30 CET, for six weeks.

It is a course to help you transform personal relationships, whether it is a specific relationship or relationships in general. The overall aim of the course is to get you started on a process to rethink your side of the relationship or relationships you are in or have been in, to become stronger in yourself, to know yourself better and construct the kind of relationship that you define as happy and fulfilled – and this relationship could be with yourself!


This course will allow you to explore the beliefs you hold about love and relationships and where they come from. It will push you to challenge not only those beliefs but also your fears, so that you are guided by what you want, rather than what you fear or what you think is as good as you can get. We will also look at karmic links, or soul connections, and intentions or vows that have been passed on from generation to generation or from past lives.


Registration is open. You can sign up directly using this link:

As there is much material for me to deliver in the one hour sessions, I am keeping group interaction limited. There is however an opportunity to interact after each session, with an open space on zoom directly after each session, creating time for those of you who wish to do so, to stay online and share and interact with me and the other participants.

There is a written worksheet to complete before and after each session.

This course is an investment in yourself. It requires you to actively participate in rewriting your narrative :)


The six sessions are as follows:


1. Own your narrative
A hypnosis session to enable you to view your story objectively and to start to identify the sub-conscious processes that are in play.


2. Challenge your beliefs

Belief testing exercise followed by a hypnosis session that will reveal the beliefs you hold about

relationships and where those beliefs come from.


3. Clear old intentions

Regression session to connect with your soul or higher self and work on gaining insight on your soul connections and karmic links and to clear any energy that needs to be cleared.


4. Assert your self-worth

A beautiful, empowering hypnosis session to get you more confident and more aligned with your desires and values.


5. Face your fears

What is the key fear that holds you back? Is it the fear of rejection, of being alone, of not being good enough or maybe the fear of commitment, fear of success or failure…? The answer is often surprising when you delve into your subconscious mind as you will during this session.

6. Create your happy

We finish with a future life progression session where you are able to examine different future outcomes and potentials and understand how to achieve them.

Signing up is simple. Just follow this link:


The price is set at 230 CHF per person for six sessions.

If you wish to pay in a different currency, please email me.

And remember, you can always book a free short video consultation with me! Just go to my booking page to book an appointment or your place on the course.