White Rocks


What matters is what you wish to achieve with your sessions.


We start by talking and setting out your therapeutic objectives.

Then we set an intention for the session.

And then you close your eyes and let me guide you...

Before your first session, please book an initial

free 15 minute video consultation.

Each session lasts around 90 minutes, sometimes less, sometimes more. You are seated to start with and then lie down or recline with your head supported. You remain in control throughout and you can open your eyes at any time.

You will find more information on the work I do below and in the pages that follow. Though I list each method as a separate session, in reality each session is a mix of different methods. Sessions flow naturally to provide you with the best experience for you.

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Break free of self-limiting beliefs and destructive habits.

Become more confident and self-aware.

Decide to create a new happier way of being you.

Book a free 15 minute

video consultation with me


Hypnosis for Phobias


Break free of a phobia in 4 sessions​​

  • Fear of needles

  • Fear of the dentist

  • Fear of flying

  • Other phobias


Inner Child Healing


Return to childhood or to the womb and resolve issues that are troubling you now.

Heal traumas remembered or forgotten.

Re-experience your birth.

Regression Therapy


Do you yearn to find out who you are as a soul?

Are you curious about past lives?


Future Life Progression

Connect to your inner wisdom to identify the choices before you and the future potentials they create.

Make changes now that will lead you to where you want to be.


Sessions worldwide by zoom.

In person sessions are currently on hold due to the covid pandemic.


Price of a 90 minutes session:

150 CHF ( 135 euros )

Sessions can be stand-alone: one session can be enough to create a break-through. However  it generally takes 3-6 sessions to work through a specific issue or problem.

For on-going personal development, one session a month works best.

Take the first step: book a free 15 minutes video consultation.

Please know that I offer a limited number of discounted sessions for people on low income or who are unemployed. Please contact me for more details.