How I work

On this page you will find more information about how I work, the different techniques I practice and how they are used. In any given session, I will use whichever technique is appropriate for the issue we are working on.


Depending on your therapeutic objectives and your goals and wishes, we can either work at a set pace, having sessions every two to three weeks, or we can decide on a more intense therapy programme.

Please know you can book a free 15 minute video call before booking your first session.


Relax, Release, Reframe

Hypnotic trance is a state of deep relaxation, a state much-like that delectable moment just before you fall asleep, when the thoughts of the day settle like sediment at the bottom of a glass of water. It is a state of focused attention, your body may become very relaxed but your mind remains alert. You remain in control throughout and fully aware of what is said and done.

Hypnosis is an extraordinary therapeutic tool. It opens a door to the sub-conscious mind and enables profound, long-lasting change. It is a safe and proven method to break recurring thought patterns and alter problematic behaviour. You can transform a negative self-image into a more positive, confident self; you can change a pattern of behaviour, such as the way you eat or how often you exercise; you can break through the vicious debilitating cycle of insomnia; you can liberate yourself from a phobia, or simply be more peaceful, relaxed and at ease...

Release your fear

Perhaps you have a fear of spiders or another animal, or of needles and hospitals or going to the dentist, or of being in a plane or an enclosed space, or of being in a crowded place, or of standing up in front of a crowd and speaking... Whatever your fear, chances are you've come up with a multitude of strategies to live around it. Sometimes these strategies work, sometimes the fear is so overwhelming that it prevents you from getting on with your life. Hypnosis can help you break free and release your fear.

Break free of a phobia in 3 to 6 sessions

It normally takes 3-6 sessions depending on the type and severity of your phobia. Slowly but surely, you move away from a state of anxiety to a state of calm, where you are able to take that flight, sit calmly in the dentist's chair, speak confidently in front of an audience, look at a spider and smile... 

Kick the smoking habit for good

Hypnosis has been used by thousands of people around the globe to stop smoking. It is not a magic remedy, but a therapeutic tool that boosts your will and determination to make the journey from smoker to non-smoker easily and decisively.

Stop smoking in two hypnosis sessions.

The first session is a preparatory session. We discuss what has made you a smoker and why you continue to smoke cigarettes despite knowing that they are harmful to your health. We identify the obstacles in your path and develop strategies to change your smoking habits. We also take time to look at how your life would change by becoming a non-smoker and all that you would gain. After the interview, we undertake a short hypnosis session to make you familiar with hypnosis and to activate your willpower to stop smoking.

The second session is where you stop smoking for good. You arrive as a smoker and leave as a non-smoker. This session is written with you specifically in mind, using information gathered from the first session. Everything is put in place to enable you to stop smoking for good. You become fully aware of the damage smoking is doing to your body and your life; you begin to feel a strong repulsion to the smell and taste of cigarettes; you envisage your life free of addiction to tobacco. We work at a deep sub-conscious level to take you from smoker to non-smoker. You leave the session knowing you will never smoke another cigarette.

Regression Therapy

Go to the source

The aim of regression therapy is to go to the source of a problem and release the thoughts and emotions associated with it. This is made possible by using hypnosis to allow you to return to the very first time you experienced an issue or problem you wish to address. The event is then revisited and transformed by releasing the emotions, physical sensations and thoughts associated with the event and re-framing its significance.

Transformational metaphor

Regression therapy looks for the source of a problem or issue in the past, but it does not define where in the past this experience lies. Most of the time, clients return to events they have experienced in childhood or in the womb. However, sometimes they return to a life that is not their current life. For some, this is a past life, for others, it is an imagined life, a construct created by their sub-conscious mind, like a metaphor, to help them make sense of their experience. From a therapeutic point of view, the process is the same. People of all beliefs and cultures can benefit from regression therapy, the transformational process is the same.

Inner Child Healing

Triggers and emotions

Perhaps you sometimes experience emotions or behaviour that seem a little out of place or inappropriate. You may feel overly anxious when someone fails to show up; or raging anger when someone lets you down; or deeply sad when you notice certain smells. Perhaps you observe in yourself automatic physical reactions that don't entirely make sense to you, for example a sharp headache whenever you enter a hospital or a choking feeling when you hear a particular word or phrase. Or perhaps you have an on-going feeling that you can't quite shake off, a feeling of exclusion or abandonment, rejection or loneliness... Sometimes, these kinds of reactions or behaviours are due to events or experiences in childhood that may have been fully or partly forgotten.

Forgotten trauma

Events experienced in the womb, in childhood or in adolescence may mark us for life. When a child experiences an event that triggers fear or anger or another strong emotion, this may become so unbearable that the child blocks the memory. However, the memory still exists buried within the subconscious mind. The result is a form of conditioning: we react emotionally and physically to triggers associated with the source event, despite having little conscious memory of it. It is as if a child is trapped within us, unable to grow and learn from our experience.

Heal the child within

Inner child healing allows the adult we have become to heal that trapped child within. Using hypnosis we return to the source event and speak directly to the child within.

These sessions are often deeply moving experiences that enable clients to release long-held physical and emotional pain and in so doing resolve a large range of issues that may be troubling them.

Return to the womb and re-experience your birth

Perhaps you are reading this because you are curious to re-experience your birth or you are intuitively drawn to this experience. Perhaps you were born prematurely or experienced some form trauma during birth. Whatever the reasons, returning to the womb to relive our first moments in life is a deeply meaningful experience.

When you feel it is time for you to have this experience, please go ahead and contact me and I will delighted to arrange a session for you.

Inner Insight Hypnotherapy

Step inside yourself and take the chance to understand who you are, where you've come from, why you behave as you do. Take the time to identify self-limiting ideas and beliefs, find them at their source and then think, transform and heal.

An inner insight session allows you to understand a specific pattern of thought or behaviour that is causing you problems.

It can help you to understand and transform a romantic or family relationship, it can allow you to see the root causes of a perceived lack of success in your career or your love life, it can identify hidden reasons for unexplained or chronic pain like migraines or back-pain...

It can also work on a deeper, more spiritual level, allowing you to return to a time before birth and identify why you have chosen this life, or to recall past lives that are important to you, or to meet your guides, elders or soul groups... It is entirely up to you.

Each session starts with an intention you set. You decide on the specific issue or question you want to work on and then go deep within yourself using hypnosis to find your own answers and ideas on how best to move forward. 

I work in english and in french, in person in my practice in Nice and also from time to time in London. I also offer sessions by video call using zoom meetings. You may book video sessions directly using  this link. To book an appointment to see me in person please either email me at or telephone me on + 33 4 93 96 46 67. You may also book a free 15 minute video call before your first appointment.

I look forward to meeting you and accompanying you on your journey.


Imane Kurdi PhD. Ct.Hyp. Dip. Reg. Cert. Sp. Lbl

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