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Hypnosis Programmes

Personal development in the comfort of your own home

These hypnosis programmes run throughout the year. We meet on Zoom. You listen, lying down, with your eyes closed, with the camera switched off, as I guide you into hypnosis. The objective of each programme or course of sessions is to enable you to use hypnosis to manage stress or anxiety  and to create change from within. These are group sessions and you have the opportunity at the end of each session to chat with me and the other participants, if you so wish.

These sessions are live and not a recording, though I will make a recording available to you, if you find you are unable to make one of the sessions you have signed up for (but not more than one). Each participant completes an intake questionnaire on signing up and numbers are limited in order to enable me to tailor the sessions around the participants and their specific needs. These programmes are an effective and accessible way to work on issues that you wish to resolve.

In the first half of 2021, the focus is on anxiety related issues. Later in the year, I will add programmes to help with self-confidence, public speaking and assertiveness. Please join my mailing list to be kept updated.

Letting go of Anxiety

There are three programmes:

1. Staying calm in the Covid storm

2. Being Zen at the dentist

3. Letting go of the fear of needles

Workshops and Spiritual Regression Sessions

The search for meaning

This series of group regression sessions is aimed at those who seek answers to questions such as why am I here, what is my purpose in life, why did I choose to be born in this place and time, to this family, in this body... It incorporates elements of soul regression - the memories of the soul before it joins the body - and is based on a world view that encompasses past lives and the soul's journey.

I work with a small group and we meet once a week for six weeks for sessions using a video conferencing platform (zoom). These sessions are interactive to the extent that you are encouraged to share your experiences with the group. There is also a clear intention to create a healing experience for all involved.

The next online cycle will start on 9th January 2021.

There will also be an opportunity for a summer retreat in Switzerland where I offer the course over one week.

Please join my mailing list to register your interest and be kept informed.

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